Boarding School is an Austin, Texas artisan collective that provides artful & elegant signage for your event on a variety of surfaces, including chalkboards, fine paper, wood signs, fabric, & glass. 

We are also pleased to offer corresponding paper goods, rolling out throughout 2017. Currently, we offer envelope addressing services (click here for info packet) as well as day-of paper goods in the form of menus, programs, and place cards.


We are not a real boarding school, but we like ivy covered walls, romantic woodsy color palettes, crisp notebooks, candlelit hallways and the exclusivity of quality. 

We've assembled a team to help make your event beautiful, navigable, enjoyable, and memorable.

Currently we only offer lettering services on boards for the Austin, Texas metro area. We do not ship boards.  We will, however, gladly ship paper goods.

Additional campus opening Spring 2017 in Portland, Oregon.