Q: Are you actually a school? Do you offer classes?

A: No ma'am, we are not a school, and we do not currently offer any classes, though we'll happily help educate you in the art of fine living and offer a bunch of book recommendations. 

Q: Great! I have a bunch of ideas and a long wishlist. Will you put together a quote so I can see pricing?

A: Certainly! We spend a lot of time putting together quotes and proposals and are happy to do it, but during busy times it's probably faster for you to consult the Supplies/Place an Order page for general pricing reference. If you would like us to be involved in helping to create the overall design of your stationery + signage, we'd love to set up a phone meeting to get the scoop.

Q: Do you offer delivery services?

A: We do not. All signage must be picked up/dropped off at our Central Austin location. If your order contains only paper goods and/or fabric we will happily ship. If you need us to arrange a courier service, we can do so and add it to your order total.

Q: I love this sign/invitation suite I saw on Etsy! Can you do one just like this?

A: We'd recommend ordering that item directly from that seller! We hope you've sought us out because you like our style and our approach, so we promise to make your signage beautiful and unique.

Q: Will I see a proof of my day-of signage before I pick it up?

A: For hand done items, it is not practical for us to send a proof for approval. If you have very detailed specifications, by all means share those with us ahead of time! But once we get started inking the final products, we would ask that you put your trust in us to complete the artwork. Digital print work may be shared as pre-print proofs if timing allows. Invitations are a whole other process, and you can learn more about that here. 

Q: Do I get to choose which artist will work on my order?

A: We take pride in knowing how to split the worst amongst ourselves according to our skill sets and schedules and guarantee the best possible piece for you regardless of the hand that actually inks, chalks, designs, or calligraphs your order.

Q: I found these old windows in my uncle's barn/old door from my dad's garage/a cool hunk of driftwood from our family beach house - will you do our wedding signage on it?

A: We love the idea of working on a family heirloom, or something that already has some value to you and your loved ones, but the kind of work we do requires certain tools and considerations - how clean is it? Is it in good enough condition to travel? If we accidentally damage it, will someone in your family want to sue us? Would you be able to deliver it to us with enough time to work on (no less than 10 business days,/2 weeks please) before your event? If you think an item in question passes this pop quiz, we'd be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Q: We're sorry but my aunt got toasted at our wedding and knocked this over. It's scratched/broken - should we still bring it back?

A: Accidents happen! If it's in smithereens, you can safely dispose of it. If it's still returnable, just let us know about it when you drop it off, and we'll try to touch it up or clean it to the best of our ability. If it requires repair or replacement, we'll assess the current value of the item up to 300% to account for time to replace it/shipping and work out an invoice with you. 

You can always go ahead and email us at hello@boardingschoolcollective.com and we'll get back to you in 1-3 business days.

Photo credit: Michelle Boyd