Please Be Seated :: Let's talk Table Assignments!

One of the most common items we help to design and produce for our wedding clients are products that direct guests to their tables for a reception meal.

It's not essential for a successful party to have assigned seats, or even assigned tables, but benefits include ensuring that::

  • Your guests are socially comfortable by being seated with other guests that they know, are familiar with, or may have something in common with. Any meal is best shared with good company and sometimes it just makes more sense to seat your boss with your successful entrepreneur aunt and not your wild college drinking buddies.
  • Your guests are physically comfortable by being sure to seat elderly or differently abled guests at tables that are: easily accessible, on firm and level ground, or perhaps close to exits or restrooms for new moms. Seating very young or very old guests away from loud music or speakers is considerate, too.
  • Your guests feel considered and appreciated. Many guests take time off work and spend a good amount of money to attend your celebration, either via travel or finding the perfect outfit to wear or even getting an old stand-by dry-cleaned! You've invited these beloved people (or even distant friends or relations of your in-laws who are to be treated like beloved people, regardless) to be a participant in one of the most important days of your life, and we think that showing them you've taken the time to think about their table or seat assignment and even spent the time or money to calligraph or type their name onto a card or some other keepsake token goes a long way.

There are two strategies for seating your guests. 

Strategy 1 :: Table Assignments - with no specific seat assignments

If all you want is for guests to make it to a specific table and then seat themselves (so using no place cards), you just need a table assignment display.  There are three options for displaying table assignments::

Option 1. A list of names, followed by table numbers.
Typically listed alphabetically by either first or last name. Easiest way for guests to find their names and tables, especially if you don't want a bottleneck at the display due to venue space or timeline restrictions.

Paper:: Printed + foamcore mounted for easy display. We reused artwork from the couple's save the dates and invitation suite. Photo:: Michelle Boyd | Planning :: Westcott Weddings

Option 2. A list of tables, with guest names beneath.
Often a pretty format, but as there is no alphabetization, if you have a large wedding, makes it a little tough for guests to quickly find their table. Makes for a nice visual interaction if you have a long cocktail hour and enough space for guests to peruse the display.

Wood :: One of our most popular items, a 6'x3' wooden board is sanded, stained, and hand-written with your table assignments. Time consuming with no room for error, these boards are one of a kind pieces of art and pricing reflects that. Photo :: Mint Photography | Planning :: Bird Dog Wedding

Option 3. A display of escort cards.
An escort card is a card or token (tile, shell, rock, piece of agate - literally anything that can be written on) indicating the guest name and designated table. They pick this token up and carry it with them to the table and then select their own seat.

If you/your planner have the resources to execute a vision like this, the actual escort cards are very cost effective for a display that has maximum visual impact!  Westcott Weddings and Sprout Floral Design combined our escort cards with individual leaves (gathered by the groom from his family ranch!) to create the basis of the display. We also provided a fabric banner sign, which was an additional cost component. Paired with the white wall (a rental item) and that botanical accent arch, it was a stunning way to direct guests to their seats. Navy blue tented place cards with white calligraphy awaited them at their seats. Photo :: Nichols Photography

Strategy 2:: Table Assignments - with specifically assigned seats

This takes Option 1 or 2 from Strategy 1 and simply adds a card/token at the guest's assigned seat at their table. You *can* do an escort card (Option 3) that leads a guest to a place card, though it feels a little inefficient to us. (One instance where this might make sense is if you really like the look of a certain material but also need to convey a meal choice to the catering staff and don't want to ruin the aesthetic. For instance, if you love our marble tiles and must have them incorporated, but don't want to ruin the look with a meal indicator, you can use them as escort tiles, leading guests to seats with paper place cards and a meal indicator. However, we've done paper escort cards with subtle meal indicators and think it's an elegant solution!)

The next thing to consider is signage material. Pricing varies, so get in touch for a quote! These images should help get you inspired.