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Marble :: Place & Escort Cards

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Our most Pinned + most-asked about item!
Utilize these Carrara marble hexagon tiles as Place Cards ( "Name" ) or Escort Cards ( "Name + Table #" ) to truly leave your guests feeling honored and delighted. 

Place Cards : Just the guest's name, displayed at his or her seat.

We recommend leaving off any Mr./Mrs./Ms. etc. titles for aesthetic purposes.

Escort Cards : The guest(s) name(s), displayed at his or her seat(s)

Two full first+last names will not fit on these tiles. Options are "Mr. & Mrs. Smith - 1" or simply "John Smith - 1" without a title. 



  • We DO NOT SHIP OR DELIVER this product. Tiles are currently only available for pick up in the following cities, and any orders placed that require shipping outside of these cities will be automatically canceled and refunded:
    • Austin, TX
    • Portland, OR
    • Boston, MA
  • We offer pricing for the client to source the tiles, or for us to provide.
    • If we source: Order must be placed 6 weeks prior to delivery date. The price reflects the cost of the tiles, removing them from any mesh backing, washing/drying them.  
    • If client sourced: Please make sure tiles are delivered to us removed from any mesh backing, and are washed and dried.  Tiles must be delivered to Boarding School Collective 3 weeks prior to delivery date with your finalized guest list
  • The following ink colors are offered for lettering on tiles:
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Copper
    • Black
  • When placing an order, please provide an email address to which we can get in touch to decide on ink color and correspond about guest list and final details.
Tile Sourcing + Cleaning:
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