Jessica Astrella


A freelance calligrapher + illustrator, Jessica started Boarding School Collective to serve a rapidly growing client base looking for reliable, consistent, lovely art signage for weddings in the Austin area. 

She runs her own brand, j.rocro arts + letters, through which she gets to paint pet portraits, provide spot illustrations, dabble in logo+brand work, execute custom calligraphy projects, and offers a smattering of greeting cards + prints while working with the coolest people on the planet - her creative, adventurous clients. 

While she did not attend a fancy East Coast boarding school, she did apply to and get rejected from  f i v e fancy East Coast liberal arts colleges.


Jen Krause

New Student

While she started her career in the advertising world, Jen always had a passion for drawing letters. Even in art school, when people would draw people and things in their sketchbooks, she was always writing quotes or lyrics. Naturally, that sparked her passion for calligraphy and design, and all things wedding.

In addition to being a designer and letterer, she is also a wedding planner for Altar Ego Weddings. She thrives on multi-tasking and working on a zillion projects at once, because who needs sleep anyways? 


Bethany Hanson


As the former owner of Austin's own 36th Street Events, Bethany's career began in the wedding industry. Under her leadership, the company raked in awards from the nation's top wedding publications for their uniquely beautiful, fun and personal celebrations. 

Now, as a freelance letterer, designer and lover of all paper arts, she lives the mantra that is it not enough to just dot the i's and cross the t's. You also have to make them look fabulous. A great event is made in the details, after all.

Bethany also never attended a fancy boarding school, she's certain her dream school is a combination of the Dalton Academy + Hogwarts, Robin Williams is the poetry teacher, and there are uniforms. And they are spectacular

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Carly Fekete

New Student

Spending most of her school days writing and passing beautifully crafted notes, many wouldn't be surprised Carly found a way of incorporating it into her career. She’s sure to never miss an opportunity to send a piece of snail mail, because whats better than a surprise in your mailbox!? 

When she’s not lettering, Carly is planning weddings with The Nouveau Romantics.